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Anne Crignon Interview with Professor Philippe Eden in  Le Nouvel Observateur (in French): “Et si le cholesterol n’etait pas dangeroux?”
Interview with Uffe Ravnskov in Le Nouvel Observateur (in French): “Cholestérol: La recherche est aux mains du lobby pharmaceutique”
Barry, Dave Good for Whatever Ails You This classic column was originally published on June 21, 1998
Mariann Demasi Two revealing TV-shows from ABC TV Australia. Here is part one and here is part 2.
Burne, Jerome     Let them eat cake, butter, cream …Article about THINCS in The Guardian
Easy Dianosis Medical Controversies. A selection of links to critical papers
Ellison, Shane* Over the Counter Natural Cures: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10 
Groves, Barry * Only 80% reduction? Why not go for 100%?Rapid Response. BMJ June 27, 2003
Kauffman, Joel* Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation
Kendrick, Malcolm
(All Malcolm Kendrick´s essays were originally published in RedFlagsDaily if nothing else is stated)
‘Not Everything That Matters Can Be Measured’ (Albert Einstein).Rapid Response. BMJ May 29, 2002. About stress and heart disease.  
Emigration And Deadly Heart Disease Risk.
What Protects The French From Heart Disease? It’s Not What You Think!

Idiotic Thinking In Medicine. C-Reactive Protein.  How The Medical Profession Will Turn A Symptom Into A Disease.
High Blood Presssure: It’s A Symptom, Not A Disease, Stupid!
Treating high blood pressure: What can you believe?
The Joy of Hypertension Trials
Is Heart Disease All Due To Blood Clots?

Type II Diabetes Isn´t A Disease.
The new hypertension guidelines: Now we are all to be officially ill.
How risky is a risk?

Bevare the placebo effect

Teleoanalysis -  or when I finally realized that I had fallen down the rabbit hole

The death of the reference
So what does cause heart disease?
An Astonishing finding that fails to surprise.

A Sugary Tale. 
Berardinelli-Seip – Explain That?
More about diabetes.
Time For A Conspiracy Theory Or Two
About Phizer and their “disobedient” employee.  
Gosh, Really, You Don’t Say.
About the links between the medical journals and the drug industry. 
Too little, too late.Can we believe in medical science? 
Temporarily able
Are there any healthy people anywhere?
Statins and Cancer. (Now It Is Getting Silly).
What Tangled Webs We Weave.Who to believe in the medical sciences.
More Grist To The Grill. About stress and the heart
Reflections On Scientific Dogma Thoughts around the new Nobel Prize winners. 
Justice Saves Lives
About stress and heart disease.
Masterjohn, Chris
Does high cholesterol cause Morbus Alzheimer?Of course not. Learn why not.
Napoli, Maryann Cholesterol Skeptics And The Bad News About Statin Drugs. Report from the 4. Annual Weston A Price Conference in Washington DC
Ravnskov, Uffe* Papers published in Läkartidningen (in Swedish)
Rosch, Paul J.* More Heat Than Light. Rapid Response. BMJ. May 30, 2002. About stress and heart disease
Do You Have a Good Blood Pressure?
Dr. Mercola´s newsletter 21. June 2003
Stephanie Seneff* Statins, Pregnancy, Sepsis, Cancer, Heart Failure: a Critical Analysis.
Justin Smith Statin Nation. A film exposing the over-prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications and the misrepresentation of medicaL evidence. With interviews of several members of THINCS. Listen also to an interview with the producer and director Justin Smith (starts at 8.05)
Statin Nation. First 13 minutes
Vesti Nielsen, Jørgen* Predicting Risk Of Death From Cardiovascular Disease. Individual cardiovascular risk cannot be predicted. BMJ 2001
Vos, Eddie* PolyPill may not decrease all-cause mortality.Rapid Response. BMJ June 27, 2003