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CBN: Starving cancer: Ketogenic diet a key to recovery including an interview with our member Domonique d´Agostino
Bailey, Ronald Weird Science. How Fat And Salt Became Bad. A review of Gary Taube’s killing articles, Inc. Ban Trans Fat.A non-profit corporation, led by lawyer and lobbyist Stephen L. Joseph has started a campaign against hydrogenation. (But don’t bother about the effects of trans fat on cholesterol)
Barnett, Anthony They hailed it as a wonderfood.November 7 2004 article in The Guardian about the health effects of soya products and the way the biotech corporation Monsanto acts
David Diamond* How Bad Science and Big usiness created the Obesity Epidemic (two videos)
A follow-up of the above lecture
Enig, Mary* and Fallon, Sally The Oiling of America.A thrilling story about the political campaign against animal fat.
The Truth About Saturated Fat
Forget all what you have heard about saturated fat. Here comes the truth.
Freedland, Eric S* Another Perspective On Diet And Disease. BMJ Rapid Response 25. Jan. 2002
Golomb, Beatrice Pharma Corruption of Medical Science.A ten minutes youtube talk
Groves, Barry* The Naive Vegetarian
Harcombe, Zoë* Because Everything You Think About Obesity is Wrong
The Britiush Heart Foundation & Flora unhealthy relationship
 High intake of saturated fat & sperm quality in Danish men
The Britiush Heart Foundtion & Flora pro.activan unhealthy relationship

Holmberg, Sara and coworkers
Food Choices and Coronary Heart Disease: A population Based Cohort Study of Rural Swedish Men with 12 Years of Follow-up Yet another strong argument against the vilification of saturated fat.
Hooper, L. et al Dietary Fat Intake And Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Systematic Review BMJ 2001;322:757-763. Hooper and coworkers performed a meta-analysis of all the unifactorial dietary trials. They found that not a single life has been saved by changing dietary fat. In spite of their negative findings they concluded that their study “certainly provide support, at anindividual level, for the central role of dietary fat intake inthe causation of cardiovasculardisease.” Therefore, read also Uffe Ravnskov’s letter (Diet-heart disease is wishful thinking) commenting the study (see below).
Kendrick, Malcolm*
(Malcolm Kendrick’s essays were originally published in RedFlagsDaily if nothing else is stated)
Is it all a big fat lie  
Atkins and the first law of hemodynamics

Atkins Must Be Destroyed!
Have you noticed the many furious attacks against the late Dr. Atkins in the medical and lay press? Do you know the reason? If not, read this!
Why the Atkins diet is healthy.
How to bury $400M  About the disappointing results from the Women’s Health Initiatives Heart Intervention Study and how to “putting the findings into perspective” (originally published in RedFlagsDaily)
Lawrence Glen D. Dietary fats and health: dietary recommendations in the context of scientific evidence 
Minger, Denise The China Study: Fact or Fallacy. Is this  book, authored by Colin Campbell, really “one of the most important books about nutrition ever written”, as stated on the cover by Dean Ornish? It is rather one of the most misleadings! Read this review!
Ottoboni, Alice* and Fred* The Food Guide Pyramid: Will the Defects Be Corrected?  published in Am J Surg Physicians 2004;9:109-113. If you think that the new dietary guidelines may stop the epidemic rise in obesity and type II diabetes you are wrong. Read what these two renowned biochemists have to say
Pearson, Helen
Trans-fats come under fire.What our member Mary Enig has claimed for many years has finally been acknowledged by Nature/Science.update
Ravnskov, Uffe* Fiscal prevention of ischaemic heart disease should be based on facts Rapid response, BMJ 4. Feb. 2000
Plant sterols: unproved effects on health
Rapid Response, BMJ 13 April 2000  
Diet-Heart Disease Hypothesis Is Wishful Thinking.
BMJ 2002;324: 238. Letter responding to the paper by Hooper et al.
Non-Dietary Factors Explain The Lower Cholesterol Concentration Associated With Frequent Eating.
Rapid Response, BMJ 18. Jan 2002
Dietary fat intake and risk of stroke. Allegations about dietary fat are unfounded.
BMJ 2003; 327:1348 
The diet-heart idea is kept alive by selective citation
Rapid Response BMJ 8. Dec 2003
Report from the First International Symposium on Trans Fatty Acids And Health
Dietary fat is not the villain
BMJ 2005;331:906-7. (Oct 14)
Beware of the carbs! Rapid Response in BMJ 8. Dec 2006.
The Diet Argument. A chapter from his new book “Ignore the Awkward”
A dietary U-turn! About a new report from WHO and FAO
Saturated Fat is Good for You   About the Swedish Food Administration and its unscientific claims
Ravnskov U*, Allan C*, Atrens D*, Enig MG*, Groves B*, Kaufman J*, Rosch PJ*, Rosenman R*, Werkö L*, Vesti Nielsen J*,  Worm N* Studies of Dietary Fat And Heart Disease. Science 2002; 295:1464-1465.
Response from THINCS to Scott Grundy demonstrating that the references he has used as arguments against Gary Taubes were false. Scott Grundy has not answered our allegations. 
Soy Online Service Uncovering The Truth About Soy
Stephanie Seneff*, Glyn Wainwright* Luca Mascitelli* Alzheimer: Nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease: The detrimental role of a high carbohydrate diet
Sveriges Konsumenter
i Samverkan
Margarin.  Website about margarin and other fats, constructed by a Swedish consumer organisation, inspired by members of THINCS. (In Swedish)
Szwarc, Sandy Junkfood Science Exclusive: The big one – results of the biggest clinical trial of healthy eating ever.Is the low-fat diet really effective? 
Taubes, Gary The Soft Science of Dietary Fat.Did you know that the demonizing of animal fat was accomplished by politicians, not scientists? 
Responses to Gary Taubes’ paper and his answer
Tiger, Lionel Human Follies. Brain-and-Mouth Disease. A comment to Gary Taube’s article in Science Magazine
Vesti Nelsen, Jörgen * A lowcarb diet is effective in type 1 diabetes as well
Westin S, Heath I Thresholds for normal blood pressure and serum cholesterol. Do you know that more than 90% of all Norwegians above age 49 are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease according to the new European guidelines. Read this wise comment from British Medical Journal and also the Rapid Responses from two of our members Malcolm Kendrick and Eddie Vos. (June 27).