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Canada Free Press
Are statin news stories hazardous to your health?
About how much you can prolonging your life by taking a statin drug (the answer: a few days!)

Daily Mail
Butter ISN'T bad for you after all: Major study says 80s advice on dairy fats was flawed.
About a study by Zoë Harcombe (a member of THINCS) and her coworkers

The Guardian
How too much medicine can kill you.
A critical view on the criminal drug industry published in The Guardian by British cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra

The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: is it scientific?
A critical comment by a brilliant medical journalist, Nina Teicholz

The Telegraph, June 15th 2014
Evidence for NHS statins advice 'wholly inadequate' says expert

Daily Express, June 15th, 2014)
Statins 'Won't help low risk heart patients' say experts.

BBC News June 11 2014
Scrap plans to extend statin use, doctors urge.

The Express, June 11 2014
Doctors' ban on statins: Medicas at war over drug advice.

The Telegraph, June 10th 2014
New NHS statins guidance 'risks harming patients'.

Daily Mail, June 11th 2014
Giving statins to millions more 'could be a disaster': Leading doctors say decision to give drugs to healthy Britons could cause harm to patients.

Zoë Harcombe (Guardian, May 30, 2014)
Diets make us fat. The solution is simple.

Zoë Harcombe - Talk radio Europe
Statins and cholesterol (podcast)

Lucy Johnston (Sunday Express March 30, 2014).
Professor's research funded by multi-million drug manufacturer

Malcolm Kendrick (The Guardian Sunday March 23, 2014).
Statins aren't a wonder drug

Lucy Johnston (Sunday Express March 2, 2014).
Health chief slams statins. Millions face terrible side effects as prescription escalates.

Lucy Johnston (Sunday Express March 9, 2014).
Scandal of experts who rule on NHS statins but get paid by drugs firms.

Uffe Ravnskov*, James DiNicolantonio, Zoë Harcombe*, Fred Kummerow*, Harumi Okuyama*; Nicolai Worm*.
The Questionable Benefits of Exchanging Saturated Fat With Polyunsaturated Fat.
  A summary of the paper on Youtube.

Denise Minger. The Truth About Ancel Keys: We’ve All Got It Wrong

Sherif Sultan, Niamh Hynes.
The Ugly Side of Statins. Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Un-Known Unknowns

John Abramson, Rita Redberg in New york Times: Don´t give more patients statins

Justin Smith. Introduction to his film Statin Nation II

A new paper by U. Ravnskov and coworkers: "The questionable benefits of exchanging saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat" published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. You can read the full paper here. (Click on "Download" in the upper, right corner)

Zoë Harcombe: Animal protein as bad as smoking?!

James J DiNicolantonio: The cardiometabolic consequences of replacing saturated fats with carbohydrates or Ω-6 polyunsaturated fats: Do the dietary guidelines have it wrong?

The Globe and Mail: It´s time to question the new guidelines on cholesterol drugs

Daily Express: Eating fat is good for you: Doctors change their minds after 40 years

ABC Television, the national Australian television company, has aired two shows critical to the cholesterol campaign made by Maryann Demasi, Here is part one and here is part two

New guidelines have recently been published by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. They are commented by Uffe Ravnskov: Guideline Insanity.

Fiona Godlee, editor of British Medical Journal: Statins for all over 50? No

A new book by Peter Gøtzsche, head of Nordic Cochrane: Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare