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A philosopher should be a man willing to listen to every suggestion but determined to judge for himself. He should not be bound by appearances, have no favourite hypothesis, be of no school and in doctrine have no master. He should not be a respecter of persons, but of things. Truth should be his primary object.
Michael Faraday (1791-1867)


July 01

About high-SFA/low-carb diets

Jan 02

About dietary recommendations

Feb 02

About cavemen’s diet

Feb 02

About Coenzyme Q10 and statins

March 02 Mainly about stress, smoking, iron and other risk factors
April 02 Mainly about death statistics, and the nature of atherosclerosis
May 02 Various
July 02 About Taubes, Atkins, Pritikin and Ornish
Aug 02 Mainly about the iron hypothesis, vitamin C, high-protein diet and calcium
Nov 02 About the genesis of atherosclerosis
Jan 03 Mostly about omega-3 and oxidized cholesterol
Jan 03 Short about hypertension
May 03 About Canola oil
Oct 03 About animal fat and cancer
Oct 03 About the polypill
Oct 03 About beer, wine and heart disease
Oct 03 About Follies and Fallacies, but mostly about placebo
Oct 03 About the simvastatin trial PROSPER
Oct 03 About low-dose statin treatment
March 04 Atherosclerosis and greasy sewer lines
April 04 Vitamin C and cardiovascular disease
Feb 05 Cordain again. About the paleolithic diet
March 05 Do mycotoxins cause atherosclerosis? Also: Comments about acrylamide and other risks
Spring-summer-autumn 05 Plant terols and atherosclerosis.
Jan-Feb 2006 The low-fat diet

Have you had side effects from cholesterol lowering (statin) treatment, in particular from the nervous system?

If so, researchers from University of California, San Diego are studying side effects from statin treatment and are interested in hearing from you